• Mission

    Operating teams empowered and enabled to proactively manage their plants to maximize safety and minimize environmental impact while allowing the processes to be pushed to their optimal limits.

  • Definition

    A detailed definition of what an abnormal situation is and how it relates to process operations.

  • Challenges

    The challenges facing the industry in handling abnormal situations. These are described in the context of the anatomy of a catastrophic incident.

  • Sources

    A discussion of the key sources or causes of abnormal situations, including people and work context factors, equipment factors, and process factors.

  • Impact

    A discussion of the disruptive and financial impact of abnormal situations on the chemical processing industry.


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  • Honeywell hosts the first quarterly review meeting of the ASM Consortium at their Houston Facility

    The first QRM of 2016 was successfully concluded at Honeywell’s Houston office. The QRM attendees, who are the operating company members and Honeywell customers, discussed the year’s new research proposals and reviewed the progress of the ongoing research. The Quarterly Review Meetings are a platform for the ASM Consortium members to share the benefits gained from the ASM practices and products, and to discuss new challenges faced in plant operations.
  • The ASM Consortium Records More Than 1000 Incidents Globally In 2015

    To create awareness about the serious nature of process safety incidents, the ASM Consortium continues to track and record incidents and accidents happening globally. In 2015, we recorded more than 1000 incidents on our website. The incidents list is not all inclusive but provides a comprehensive list of global incidents affecting process industries as reported in the media. The ASM Consortium has been archiving such incidents since 2008.
  • The Canadian Standards Association group refers the ASM Consortium guidelines in their latest publication.

    The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) group has come up with a Human Factors Guideline document specific to the pipeline industry, ‘Pipeline Human Factors Express Document’. The CSA group’s guideline document refers the ASM Consortium’s HMI guidelines document ‘Effective Console Operator HMI Design’. It also recommends referring the ASM Consortium’s guidelines ‘Effective Alarms management’ and ‘Effective procedural Practices’ for alarms and procedure management.
  • The ASM Consortium has gone social on Twitter and LinkedIn

    The ASM Consortium has now a Twitter account @asmcons. The Consortium also has created a company page on LinkedIn. Both the Tweeter and LinkedIn account will help in establishing ASM Consortium’s social media presence.
  • Employees of the ASM Consortium member companies get to know about the latest ASM research

    In 2015, the ASM Consortium conducted a webinar series, exclusively, for the employees of its member companies. The webinar series covered the latest results of the research undertaken by the Consortium in the field of HMI design, Large Screen Displays and Training for abnormal situations. The webinars were well attended globally, as each webinar was conducted twice to cover all the time zones. The webinars targeted individuals in the role of Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Operations Supervisor, DCS Engineer, Application Engineer, Training Specialist or Operator on special assignment. The recordings of the webinars and the past webinars as well, are available on the ASM Consortium’s members only collaboration website.
  • The ASM Consortium makes Keynote presentation at the 2015 CCPS European Workshop on Process Safety

    At the CCPS European Workshop on Process Safety, the ASM Consortium gave a keynote presentation on ‘Effective HMI Design for Safety-Instrumented Systems ’. The paper covered the key challenges and requirements for console operator situation awareness for SIS HMI design. The presentation was done by Dr. Peter Bullemer and Dr. Dal Vernon Reising of Human Centered Solutions, associate member of the ASM Consortium.

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