Requirements to Join

What are the requirements for User membership in the Consortium?

New companies are invited to join the ASM Consortium based on their willingness to participate in Consortium activities and share “best practices” relevant to ASM Consortium objectives with all members of the Consortium.  Membership costs vary by type of member.  

User Member Participation Requirements.

  • Provide a principal representative, and an alternate, to be an active, voting member of the Consortium Executive Steering Committee.

  • Provide at least one representative from site Operations to be the representative for Operations-oriented activities.

  • Attend the three face-to-face Consortium meetings each year, either by the company principal representative or an alternate.

  • Host one full Consortium meeting every three years including: arranging logistics, meeting room, lunches, break refreshments, and one dinner.

  • Communicate the results of the ASM Consortium activities broadly within the member company to ensure that the benefits of ASM membership are being disseminated and deployed.

  • Report the results of ASM Consortium-related activities to other Members and Affiliates according to the requirements of the Executive Steering Committee.  

Specific Membership Costs as well as Associate and University Member Participation Requirements are available upon request.