In This Section


The Consortium produces the following kinds of deliverables to provide value to its member companies.

Research Deliverables

  • Guidelines documents
  • Technical reports
  • Tools and internal consortium shared software, developed as part of the research program

Development Deliverables

  • Products or product enhancements that address ASM needs, as prioritized by the Consortium membership, along with supporting services to ensure successful deployment
  • Written critique of product specifications, and reports from field trials highlighting ASM issues, usage experiences, and technology transfer

Communications Deliverables

  • Consortium published documents, internal and external; electronic and paper.
  • Information exchange between members regarding activities and practices pertaining to Abnormal Situation Management┬«
  • Workshops, seminars and webinars for Consortium members

Overall Deliverables

The proceedings of each Quarterly Review Meeting are published on this web site (under Meetings: Quarterly Review) for the use of all members, whether or not they attended the meeting. This enables them to see what programs are underway or planned, what stage of progress they are at, and what deliverables are recently available, or planned to become available. This information enables user companies to put the concepts into practice and enables Honeywell and Associate Member companies to develop supporting products, applications and services.