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The ASM Consortium achieves its mission with three programs - Research, Development and Deployment, and Communications - each has specific, interrelated objectives. In alignment with these high-level objectives, the ASM Consortium Executive Steering Committee develops detailed objectives on an annual basis to focus activities in specific areas where there is a potential to significantly improve ASM practices. The amount of emphasis given to projects in each focus area is determined jointly by members of the Consortium through their formal program management processes.

Research Objectives

The objective of the research program is to conduct investigations and share experiences on factors contributing to the successful reduction of abnormal situations in chemical processes. Program activities seek to identify, develop, evaluate and prove the feasibility of new solutions and associated enabling technologies to reduce risks even further; and facilitate technology transfer to user member sites and the Development Program.

Development and Deployment Objectives

The objective of the development and deployment program is to capture the knowledge represented in and developed by the Consortium and to return it to customers in the form of products and services that are successfully deployed. A primary objective of the Consortium directed developments during this program period is to achieve visible results each year of the program. Hence, developments will be primarily centered on existing Honeywell products and their interoperation. Nevertheless, the driving force of these developments will be to further the mission of converting ASM knowledge into practice.

Communications Objectives

A primary objective of the ASM Consortium continues to be the exchange of information within the Consortium membership to enhance the understanding and use of effective ASM practices within Consortium member organizations, and as appropriate, externally in the public domain to influence the global adoption of ASM solution concepts. An additional objective is the pursuit of new members, according to the desires of the membership.