Human Centered Solutions

Human Centered Solutions, LLP is a consulting company with expertise in developing solutions that address human needs and capabilities in the workplace for companies heavily dependent on process control technology.

 Our vision is to dramatically transform the nature of plant operations, improve the effectiveness of the business, and enhance the quality of life of the people who staff it. Our mission is to apply human factors principles and human-centered design methodologies to optimize the influence of culture, organizational structures, management systems and use of technology on operator and plant performance.

 In addition, we strive to pioneer advances in effective application design and operations practices and transition these innovations into the plant operations environment. We have delivered ASM®-compliant graphics on numerous DCS platforms and offer an Advanced Operator Interface™ shape library for several DCS platforms that embodies the ASM® guidelines for Effective Operator Interface Design. HCS has also developed ASM-compliant Alarm Sound for Multi-Console Control Rooms™.

 Our values include improving the safety of the industrial work environment, establishing a collaborative work atmosphere with our customers and colleagues, maintaining high integrity in all relationships, and striving for a balanced, high quality of life.

We apply human factors principles and human-centered design methodologies to

  • Staffing levels and Job complexity

  • Control building and Control rooms

  • Console workstations

  • Operator information display systems

  • Alarm systems & Alarm sounds

  • Procedure systems

  • Training systems

  • Organizational design

  • Work processes and practices